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Refer A Friend

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Where is the Refer a Friend Option Located?

A user will need to login to the web site and if it is active for your web site, it will appear in their member tools as "Refer a Friend"

The usual pathway to get to the login page is  /login  at the end of your web address.


How Does it Work?

After clicking the refer a friend link you can fill in your friends first and last name and their email address and click submit

1. An email is sent to the friend, as if it came from the sender with a preformatted response

2. The preformatted response is editable in the CMS under the Emails  tab. Edit Autoresponders.  There are two possibilities. One for if their is no bonus voucher code and one for when their is a bonus voucher code set.

3. If a voucher code is to be sent to the friend then this can be set up in the CMS as well under the Marketing Tab. Voucher Rules for Contact Forms.


How Do You KNow Who Has Made Referrals and who they are Referring?

This can be looked up by clickingon Marketing Tab and Referral Stats Link 

A list of referrers and how many people they have referred is listed.

You can click to see who was referred as well.


Is it automatically set up for the Friend to receive an email?  

Yes, it is automatically set up and will only be broken if the autoresponders required for refer a friend have their name changed from the default settings.  It is safe to edit the content of the email for your own styling, but not the email series name.


How does it create credits on that persons account?

No credits are immediately created for the person referring a friend, but the firend may get a discount voucher code to encourage a purchase. 

You can have credits acrue to a referrer for purchases made by their friends by setting the Affiliate Rules under the marketing tab.  Commonly you may set 10% of sales value as an example to be assigned as credit to the referrer when a sale goes through.

Alternatively if the affiliate credit rules are switched off, no credit accrues to the referrer when their friend purchases.


What Happens if an Order is Cancelled.

Any acrued credit will be removed if a previously approved order has its status changed to cancelled.


Can I Refer a Friend on the Web Site Without Logging In?

We do not allow this and do not have this option as the email forms were commonly abused by spammers who used such forms for their own marketing purposes which was difficult to control without requiring a login.  A user must have created and logged into their account to refer a friend and be linked as a referrer.  

If as a web site owner you want to enable someone to email the page they are viewing withough being logged in, an email link can be placed on the page which opens up the users own email program and they can send an email to their friend with the web pages link in place.  This feature can be added for a fee. Usually around 30 minutes of billable time.  The user will click on text somthing like "Email this Page"


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