How to Run a Competition Based on Purchase Value

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How to Run a Competition Based on Purchase Value

Advertising the Competition

  • Use graphics on the home page
  • If have a call to action image can, change to incorporate competition advertising
    • To edit the call to action image
    • Go to the Web pages tab and click on ‘List and Edit Pages’ in the drop down
    • Under the Call to Action Category and click on the Web Pages subcategory header
    • Then click on the All pages Title
    • In the new window that opens click on the Content tab
    • and place a new image over the existing one
    • Click on Home Page
    • Click on Web Pages
  • Home page slider image
    • Under the List and Edit webpages section
    • Find the Navigation Category and Top Navigation Subcategory
    • Then click on Home
      • Click on the Home title that has the status as active
      • Click on the Content tab
      • Click on the icon in the tool bar that is 3 across to the right of the anchor icon
      • When hovering the cursor over the icon it should say insert image
      • In the rotating images folder upload the new image
      • Close the insert image window
  • Then click on the Miscellaneous tab in the new window
    • Add the name of the image into the Misc1 field into the comma separated list
    • e.g example_image_1.jpg,example_image_3.jpg,new_image_2.jpg
    • Make sure there is no comma at the end and no spaces between each of the image names
    • Then click on the update page button on the top right of the window

Edit the email auto responder after making a purchase through the website to include the competition details

  • Located under the Orders tab in the CMS

    • Click on the Email Responses in the drop down, which is under the Advanced Heading
    • Edit the message next to the purchase title.

    • Once the message has been updated scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the update button
    • To test the new message you will need to place a test order through the checkout

Once the competition period is over export order database:

  • To export the order database login to the CMS
    • Click on the Orders tab
    • In the drop down under the Advanced heading select ‘Export Orders


    • Select the dates that the competition was in effect from ‘Export Orders Ordered By Order ID’

    • Right click on the link that looks like this ‘stagemakeup_orderdata_2017-09-19_2017-12-19.csv’

    • Select ‘Save link as’ option and choose a location on your computer to save it to.

Open Exported orders in an excel type program, such as Microsoft Excel or google spreadsheets

  • Need to sort the orders by the purchase amount

    • to filter out orders that are outside the competition value

    • Look for the Total Cost heading on the far right of the spread sheet
    • select the cell with the ‘Total Cost’ heading
    • On Google Spreadsheets
      • Click on Data and select create a filter in the drop down
      • click on the down arrow symbol in the total cost cell
      • under the Filter by condition option select the drop down and choose Greater than
      • type in the minimum value of the purchase to be eligible for the competition  
      • This will leave all of the orders that are greater than the minimum the purchase amount

How to randomly select a winner

  • Select all of the remaining orders copy them
    • Open a new spread sheet
    • Past the orders in to the spread sheet
    • Go to

    • Enter in 2 in the first box, (Because number 1 has the headings)
    • Enter in the value of the last cell on the left hand side of excel spread sheet into the second box
    • Click on enter
    • The value in the Random Number box will be the winner



    • Find the corresponding row and contact the winner