How to Make a SlideShow

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Navigating to the SlideShow

- Click on Web Pages tab
- In the drop down click on Add New Slideshow

- Enter a Title for the Slide Show
- Tick the Active box
    - (The Active box for the slides allows the ability to turn on and off certain slides.)
- Click on “Save SlideShow Details”
- Then click no the “Add New Slide” button\
- Click on “Save Slide” then click on “Save Slideshow Details”
- This should now show a slide that can be edited

- To upload an image click on the Upload text

    - Then Browse your computer and select the desired image and upload it
    - (Note: Ideally the image should already be the size you want it to display as).
    - After uploading the image a example should be displayed on the right
    - Depending on the setup of the site, may need to change the dimensions of the SlideShow, located above the the example image

- Adding and Editing Text on the image

    - Click on the paper and pencil icon on the right
    - This should open an Editing Slide panel above the slides
    - The First box “Order” determines which order the slides will appear in.
    - The Link box allows you create a link when clicking on this slide
    - The Alt Text box creates alternate text if the image doesn’t load or for visually impaired people
    - To add text to this slide, tick the “Show Text on Slide” box
        - The first Box “”Overlay Text” is where you type the text you would like to display
        - Font Face is the font type

    - Once finished editing the slide tick the Active box and click the “Update Slide” button
    - Click “Save SlideShow Details” at the top of the page
    - On the site where the slideshow is located Refresh the site, and you changes should come through
        - (On PC - windows key and R, On Mac - command key and R)