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Fixing Outbound Email on iPhone

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Fixing Outbound Email on iPhone

If your inbound email is working but your outbound email is not then you probably typed your password in wrong for outbound and did not set the port to 587.

To Fix

  • Click ON Settings
  • Mail
  • Account
  • tap on your email account
  • tap on SMTP
  • primary server should be OR and say on
  • tap on it
  • Confirm settings are as below
    • Hostname:  OR   (WHere yourdomain is changed to your domain - or just use if you are a client)
    • username: your email address
    • password: your password  
    • Use SSL  (Can be on)
    • Authentication: Password
    • Server Port: 587
    • Tap Done (Top Right Hand Side) to save settings
    • Go and open email and see if you can send an email.  If you here the swoosh sound then your email is sending.
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for pop email setup's. 

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