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Uploading and Linking to PDF Files such as Catalogues and Bochures

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To Upload PDF Files

  1.  1. Login to CMS
  2. PDF's can be uploaded via the CMS.
  3. Instruction on Linking to a PDF
  4. Open the web page editor for the page you are linking from
  5. Highlight the text to be clicked on – click on the link tool
  6. Click on the red box on the rhs
  7. You should then see files you have uploaded
  8.  You can upload more with the upload link Or
  9.  Select the item you are linking to
  10. Tick the ccheckbox next to it
  11. Click insert
  12. Click insert
  13. Update the page.

It may take a few minutes to copy files across to all servers so the link may not work initially when tested. It should work after 5-10 mins however.

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