Setting up PayPal to integrate with your site

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The article tutorials related to integrating PayPal with your GTP iCommerce Shopping Cart Software.


PDF INstruction

Download this easy to use set of instructions and follow step by step for easy paypal integration with GTP iCommerce ecommerce solutions.



Video Tutorials

To setup PayPal your site you'll need a few minutes to complete all the steps below, also if you don't have a verified PayPal account you will need to phase two at a later date as it will require bank account transactions to verify your account. 

Phase 1 - How to Setup a PayPal Account

Phase 2 - How to recieve your API credentials once you have verified your bank account.

Text Instructions

  1. Setup a PayPal account at
  2. Use your GTP-iCommerce shopping cart email address to setup your PayPal account
  3. Verify your email address
  4. Add in your bank account and then click verify bank account
  5. Check your bank account 2-3 days later for 2 small deposits
  6. Log back into PayPal and verify your bank account by confirming the deposit amounts
  7. Get the PayPal API codes from inside your PayPal account (see tutorial above) and insert into GTPs config Area
  8. Log back into GTP-iCommerce and Click on  Config>>Checkout Setup>>Account and enter in PayPal API Codes.
  9. Activate PayPal as a payment option under Config>>Checkout Setup>>Options (See Instructions) 
  10. Make a purchase on your web site and test that your PayPal integration works

If you wish to set up real time credit card verification with your own merchant account then please see our payment gateway information.