Setting up Paid or Free Packaging Options in the Checkout

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How to Add in Packaging Options to GTP Checkout 

Packaging Options are where you want to allow customers to pay extra or just select a packaging option such as gift cards, and gift wrapping but could also be used to add in bonus extras for customers to select.


It is as simple as adding in a product with the following settings


Category:       _Checkout_Extras_

Subcategory  Gift Wrapping



Login to you GTP CMS account

Click Products

Add a New Product

Set Category:       _Checkout_Extras_     (They are undscrores at the start - middle and end)

Subcategory  Gift Wrapping


Name:  Put Name of Packaging Option e.g.    Card and Wrapping

show on web site - Ticked

Price 1 - Filled in.  - can be 0.00 or something like 4.95

[Add Product]



Go to your site - add an item to cart and proceed to your checkout

At the bottom of the first page their should be a Packaging Options section showing on the site.

Video and text instructions to setup PayPal on your website.


Example Site with Packaging Options