Securing your Email Password

Support Article ID: 81156

Your company email password is almost as important as your bank PIN.

The number one support query we get at GTP is forgotten email passwords. It happens multiple times a day and unfortunately there isn't much more we can do than to reset your password. We can't see what your passwords are; this is done to secure your email and what it contains from prying eyes.

If you just have one computer with your email on it then resetting it isn't usually a problem. However with the emergence of smart phones, tablets and the ever increasingly popularity of working on the road and at home multiple people will usually access the same email and this is where problems arise.

If an email password is changed it must be changed on every device or computer - if you're a large company that could be trouble coordinating the change. 

If you purchase a new computer, a new smartphone or tablet you'll need that password.

If your computer has troubles and you need to reformat you'll need that password.

If you can't access your email then you can't commutate with your clients or customers and you can't check if you have new orders on the road.

This is why we recommend you take note of your email password when it’s created, you never know when you'll need it. Once it’s saved and everything is working it’s easy to forget you even have or need one.