Product Images are Blurry

Support Article ID: 81282

When you upload an image for a product, the image that you upload is then recreated 3 times to 3 different sizes automatically.  You can control the three size settings for the small, medium and large images by changing the image size setting under the configuration settings.

The trick is to always have your original image as big as possible in pixel width so that when it is recreated into the 3 sizes, these are smaller than the original.  This means you won’t get blurry images.  It also means your base picture needs to be a decent size in the first place.

The problem of your larger images looking blurry is a direct result of taking a small image and making it bigger.  How does this happen?  In our experience it is when images of products are taken from other web sites and instead of taking a copy of the biggest image possible, often the mistake of taking the first smaller image is made. 

Shopping Cart Image Size ConfigurationTo solve this, always click to view the largest image possible and save this version on your computer.  Of course make sure you have permission to do this.  Then you can usually upload these pictures without fear of getting a blurred blown up version.

As a rule of thumb if you are resizing pictures down from a digital camera photo then resize to 800 pixels wide and let the height vary depending on the aspect ratio.  This will make for relatively fast uploading of images about 100kb in size.

In instances where your largest image is not that big, e.g. 250 pixels wide, then you may need to adjust the image size configuration settings (Shown right) before uploading that picture so the image is not made bigger than it should be.

Then reset the image sizes (in the configuration area) back to their usual sizes for the rest  of your images.