My Email isn't working

Support Article ID: 80748

Do You Have Internet?

  • Are you connected to the Internet. Google the phrase "bugalugs" and see what comes up. If you can't get a results page, your internet is down. Don't call us, but call your ISP or IT Support Company to sort our. When you are back googling move onto the next stage.  Quick fixes are to turn off your ADSL modem and turn it back on again.


Is your Email Program Open and Working - Apart from not getting email?

  • Make sure you can open your email program. If your outlook or outlook express won't open or it is crashing then it is a software problem and we cannot help. Things we would do would be to reboot the computer, re install the software, get help from an IT support company.  Once the software is working you can re-install your email settings.


Have You Set Up Your Email Account?


Are your email settings correct?


I am sure my email settings are correct in my email software

  • If you are sure your email settings are correct but they don't work then you need to RESET your email password and retry after you have reset the password.
  • Make sure your username is your full email address and not just your name
  • To reset your email password go to our email support page on email account management


I have reset my password and I still cannot receive email

  • Times are drastic - delete the email account from the system completely, reboot your computer and set up the email account again. If it is not setup then please go to our email support page and follow the setup instructions.


I can receive email but I cannot send email

  • Make sure you have set the outgoing mail server settings correctly. You should have done this properly if you followed the setup instructions. Go back and check these settings out.



I get the pesky 'Enter Network Password'

  • Either your password is wrong so make sure you have it correct OR you need to reboot your machine if it is a new email setup. Don't ask me why, it just works a lot of the time.



I still can't get email

  • If we just switched your site over to our hosting it may be that you need to wait a few hours for settings around the world to be updated


I can receive email and send email

  • Hooray - you made it