Images not changing - Image Caching

Support Article ID: 81281

We occassionally have a client who has a problem with caching and gets frustrated because they can’t see the product image change even when they upload a new image.  

The effect of caching is to show an old image even after it has been replaced.

The best way to deal with it is to click on the “delete main product image” link first on the image upload page and then go back and upload the new image.  I.E  Delete the original image first. But even then you can have caching that shows you the old image even though you have successfully uploaded a new image. 

There are a number of ways to try and force the cache.  Usually it is a simple process to hold the SHIFT Key down and click Refresh (right click and select refresh). When this doesn’t work then stay calm!  Take a look on a different computer, or have someone else take a look and see if they see the different image. 

More severe strategies are to go back into the edit product page and click on the change ID link and change the product id by 1 character.  Often this immediately shows the new image.  Once you are satisfied with this then change the id code back to the original one.  In fact, I would try this strategy first once you are comfortable with it.

Once you are happy that your images are indeed changing, having proven it by doing the above, then just upload your images and don’t worry that you are seeing an old one (know that its caching), otherwise it will slow you down in your data entry.  In a few hours or a day at worse, you will see the new ones on your computer.  Everyone else will be seeing the new ones straight away.

If you are still getting problems then its time to pick up the phone and call our support hotline - 1300 856 533  : )