How to Access GTP Webmail

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All GTP Webmail is now in one location no matter what server your website is on. It's easy to find and manage, you can now login your webmail by typing the following address in your address bar in your browser. or

Here's an example,

There is no www in front of this address and the or .com will depend on what your websites address is.

We will be updating this page with a simple shortcut to your webmail for future access.

If your webmail login site does not appear or your login does not work please email or SMS Dale on 0411352766. It may require further setup.

Accessing older emails on our old server

Previously some clients had their email on the HAN server, this server is no longer in use but is is possible to retrieve any emails still sitting on this server.

You can login to this her and then use your old email address and password.

Please contact us at if you are having difficulties.