Checkout Setup Information: Payment Methods and Credit Cards

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Checkout Setup Information

Setting Up or Changing Payment Methods Accepted

  • Select the payment methods you want your web site to accept if customers are allowed to order from your web site.
  • To select multiple items on this page hld the CTRL key down as you select each payment method.

We have 13 potential payment methods

  1. Credit Card
  2. Cheque/Money Order
  3. Client Account
  4. Invoice
  5. Charge Back Account
  6. Direct Deposit
  7. ISPePay (To be Removed)
  8. Paypal
    1. See PayPal
    3. See
    4. To Setup A PayPal Account:
    5. Getting PayPal Integrated:
Making the Phone Number Field Come into the GTP Checkout from PayPal

Just login to PayPal
Click on the word Profile in the top navigation bar (Its next to resolution center)
Click on My Selling Tools  (On the Left)
Click on Update next to Website Preferences : Return Customers to my web website after they pay with paypal
Scroll down to "Contact Telephone Number"
Select On (Required Field) for the Contact Telephone Number section
Click Save
  1. Voucher
  2. Payment on Pickup
  3. Cash on Delivery
  4. Bartercard
  5. Call me for CC Details

Changing the Credit Card Types Accepted

  • Select the credit card types you accept and update the page to store these settings.

Four credit card options can be selected from

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. American Express (amex)
  4. Diners Club

GST Process

  • Choose between GST inc. and GST Ex. Unless specified otherwise this should always be set to GST inc.
  • The rate for GST is hard coded into the system

GST Rate - Luke Hosted Sites Only

  • This should be set to 1.10 for Australian sites
  • New sites on luke need to be checked whether this field is being used as the GST rate may be hard coded into most sections of the front and back of the web site. Seek clarification from the programming team
Bevan what is the status of the GST rate


How Did You Find Out About Us

This question can be asked during the customer checkout experience. Simply comma or pipe separate a list of your marketing methods. The customers response is sent through the email. The field can also be left blank

  • e.g. Google|Bing|Yahoo|Other Web Site|Friend|Email

See image File:HowDidYouHearAboutUs.jpg